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Whether you’re starting a business, starting a family, or an employee dealing with startup equity for the first time, we have services that are tailored to your meet your goals.

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Great question. We have a proprietary algorithm that will help you craft the perfect service plan based on your profile, goals, and immediate needs.

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What advisor will I work with?

Harness will introduce you to advisors that have experience working with clients with similar profiles as you.

Similar to how you may have a primary care doctor but also work with other medical specialists for your overall health, your financial team is made up of advisors who are all experienced specialists in their respective fields. Harness Wealth makes it easier for you find and work with high quality advisors for any of the services on our platform.

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What should I do if I need multiple services?

Our company is built around providing holistic advisory services for every facet of your financial life, whether that is taxes, investment management, or estate planning. Create an account and answer a few questions about yourself. From there, we will recommend a tailored service plan just for you, which may include multiple services