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Harness Wealth Advisers LLC (“Harness Wealth”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Multiplier Inc., a Delaware corporation, is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as an internet investment adviser. Harness Wealth acts as an adviser for clients with respect to their introduction to and, if retained by the client, servicing by third-party investment managers, tax planning and legal professionals who are unaffiliated with Harness Wealth.

As an internet investment adviser, the only investment advice given by Harness Wealth is to refer clients to third-party managers whose capabilities make them, in our judgment, suitable for personal evaluation and possible retention by the client. The managers whom we match our clients with have their own separate investment suitability determination responsibilities when rendering personalized investment advice to the client, and that, distinct from our periodically monitoring the verifiable credentials of the managers on our platform, Harness Wealth makes no representation and bears no responsibility for the quality of the personalized investment advice that a manager renders on behalf of a client. Content on the Harness Wealth website regarding investment, tax, accounting or legal topics should not be relied upon, standing alone or without the guidance of a capable third-party professional, to support personalized decision-making by or affecting individual clients.

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