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Your questions, answered:

How does the Advisor Marketplace work?

Interested clients fill out a profile with information about the value of their assets and any upcoming events or immediate needs. From there, the Harness algorithm will recommend tax, financial, or estate services and advisors who have experience with similar clients. Our Client Success team helps make introductions between clients and the firms that they’ve shortlisted on their profile.

What are the qualifications that Harness is looking for?

We serve a diverse group of clients and seek similar range in the firms that we add to the marketplace. We know that finding the “best” firm means different things to different clients: small vs. large firms, in-person vs. digitally-forward firms, specialized vs. general service firms, communication style, etc. Our ultimate goal is helping our clients find advisors that are a perfect fit for their needs.

How does the evaluation process work?

We have rigorous evaluation processes for each type of firm on our platform (financial planning, tax, and trust & estate). Each firm is interviewed a minimum of 5 times and screened for over 120 attributes to measure the quality of their services. For more information on our evaluation process, click here.