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Holistic Wealth Management

Get professional help diversifying your equity

When you’re ready to make decisions about your startup equity, we’re here to help. After building a plan, your Wealth Manager will manage your assets — so you have time to focus on what you love. From investments to taxes and insurance, your finances will be in good hands.

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We can help you borrow money against shares, determine the right time to exercise, manage tax liability, and diversify out of your startup equity.


A Wealth Manager can help make sure your personal finances are healthy while you grow your business. We’ll create a plan that makes sure you have the necessary income for yourself while you’re building the next big thing.


The taxes you owe often aren’t equal to the payouts from your fund. Liquidity events are few and far between — we’ll help you manage your overall risk and unique cash flow needs.

Pricing & Details

  • Pricing

    0.6 – 1.5% of managed assets, billed quarterly.

    Your intro calls are on the house.

  • Frequency

    Ongoing. Talk to your Wealth Manager anytime.

Your questions, answered

What is included in Holistic Wealth Management?

You’ll get fully hands-on, holistic money management:

  • Optimal retirement and taxable accounts
  • Rebalancing and tax loss harvesting
  • Evaluation of new investment opportunities
  • Evaluation of life, disability, property and casualty insurance to ensure you’re fully protected

How do I know when it’s the right time to work with a Wealth Management advisor?

If your assets have reached a level of complexity that you can’t handle or you want to make investments that don’t require immediate access to liquidity, a Wealth Manager is a good place to start. A professional can provide a level of skill, knowledge, and oversight that’s hard to match on your own.

I have a decent amount of startup equity, can a Wealth Manager help me?

Definitely. A Wealth Manager can set you up with lending that’s backed by your equity. This can be a helpful way to leverage assets that aren’t liquid yet. They can also help hedge the exposure to a single stock and think through diversification as you approach liquidity.

What’s the difference between Wealth Management and Financial Planning?

Holistic Wealth Management includes financial planning, but also incorporates things like insurance, estate planning, and tax planning. You’ll also have a Wealth Manager looking over your portfolio and physically managing your assets.

What are the qualifications of Wealth Management firms on Harness Wealth?

Great question. You can find those here.

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