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Your startup equity tax questions, answered.

Understand what your equity could be worth and compare tax planning strategies based on when, where, and for how much you exercise and sell your startup equity.

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View your equity’s current and potential future value

Track your startup’s equity grants, like stock options and RSUs to get insights on the current and future value.

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Customize your exercise/sale strategy based on your goals and guestimates

Planning for an upcoming IPO? Exercising startup options before switching jobs? Our equity tools let you personalize scenarios based on the situation you want to plan for.

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Compare tradeoffs of various equity tax strategies

Harness will give you smart insights and calculate detailed tax/profit projections based on scenarios that optimize for different goals, like:

  • Minimizing additional taxes

  • avoiding the alternative minimum tax (AMT)

  • lowering investment risk

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1:1 equity tax planning session

Ask an advisor: Personalize a tax plan for your equity

Talk with a tax advisor experienced in equity to personalize your equity strategy over multiple years.

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Equity Education

Better understand your equity grants with our equity education and resources.

How to Evaluate Your Equity in a New Role

You’ve worked for months to secure the perfect new job — and now you have the offer in hand. One of the most attractive components of the role is the equity. The hiring manager is telling you it’ll be worth a lot, so how do you assess what’s being offered?

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How are Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) Taxed?

ISOs have a favorable tax treatment on exercise, but understanding your tax obligations and how to minimize your tax burden can be complicated. Before taking any decisions around your ISOs, it's important to understand the tax consequences and how that impacts potential future profits.

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What You Need to Know about Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Startups typically issue stock options or restricted stock to employees as part of equity compensation packages. Restricted Stock Units (or RSUs) are a type of restricted stock that tends to be issued by later stage start-ups. If you have RSUs from your company, it’s important to understand how they work, how they are taxed, and what your filing obligations are in order to make sure you are maximizing their value. 

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What is Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)?

AMT is a secondary tax calculation that only triggers in certain situations. Working around the alternative minimum tax can be tricky and knowing if you’ll trigger it isn’t always easy. Exercising incentive stock options (ISOs) is one situation where AMT income is greater than regular taxable income, which could trigger AMT. 

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