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Harness for Employers

The modern solution to equity advice for startups

Harness for Employers is a HR financial wellness program for tech companies. We connect your employees to high-quality, human advice for their equity.

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We are experts in equity & liquidity events

We are built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We have deep experience working with companies ahead of liquidity events.

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1-on-1 Equity Tax Planning Sessions

A virtual, one-hour tax planning session with a tax advisor experienced in equity.

  • Answers to specific equity questions

  • personalized tax projections

  • Multi-year planning

  • $250 per session

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Meet advisors that get you and your equity

Harness Tax is a group of equity-focused tax advisors dedicated to bringing great advice to company builders, like you. Meet our advisors running 1:1 Equity Tax Planning Sessions:

Sam Boehr

JD, LLM Tax Law, 6+ years experience

“I believe providing a high level of service on complex tax planning issues gives clarity and eases anxiety for clients worried about a specific tax event. I really enjoy when a client walks away saying thank you and the session was really helpful for them in understanding their tax situation.”

Robert Schmidt

Enrolled Agent, 20+ years experience

“My team specializes in helping clients navigate through equity option decisions, crypto taxes, and taxes for ex-pats. I love to create personalized tax plans to help clients meet their life goals.”

Doug Waite

CPA, 15+ years experience

“Equity compensation requires the holder to make informed decisions. I enjoy helping clients understand the financial and tax aspects of their equity compensation package so they can make those informed decisions with confidence.”

Padmini Headshot

Padmini Sabanayagam

Tax Manager, 12+ Years of Experience

“Everyone’s tax situation is unique and planning for the future can be overwhelming with increasing complexity and evolving legislation. As a trusted advisor with my experience, I help clients navigate the complexity by providing personalized guidance.”

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*To qualify for the advisory fee credit, the individual must formally retain a Certified Public Accountant, Trust & Estate Attorney, and/or a Financial Advisor on the Harness Wealth platform for a minimum of one calendar year. The offer can only be applied to advisory fees for firms based in the United States. The offer does not apply for Certified Public Accountant fees for tax return preparation and filing or for Trust & Estate Attorney fees for a will that was executed. Harness Wealth will provide the credit directly to the customer upon proof of fees paid. This credit is not transferable. Only one credit per household.