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Standalone financial planning

Plan your finances for all the years to come

Be confident in your financial future and work with a Certified Financial Planner from Harness Wealth. Together you’ll build a personalized plan based on your goals, milestones, and career path. Financial planning is based on your advisor’s specialization and your financial complexity. Starts at $1,200.

helping equity owners get better advice

This service is perfect for...

Startup equity or crypto owners

If you’ve recently sold an asset, like startup equity or crypto, Standalone Financial Planning can help you make smart moves with your new cash. Your advisor will help you figure out how your financial situation can support your long-term goals by showing you your investment options while managing risk across asset classes.

Individuals planning for major milestones

If you’re planning for a major event, like getting married, having children, or buying a home, a CFP will help you understand your current state of finances. Then they’ll help you come up with a plan to support your milestones. Similarly, if you’re planning a career change (like a promotion, starting a company, or retiring), you can work with your advisor to ensure you understand how impactful that change in income will be on your short- and long-term financial picture.

Planning to buy startup options (ISOs, NSOs)

Work with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to help determine how much cash you should allocate to exercise your startup options.

Individuals who want to manage their own investments

Standalone Financial Planning is a great place to start working for individuals who want to manage their own investments, but want a professional to help build out a plan that will reach their milestones.

Pricing & Details

  • Pricing

    Fixed-fee, based on complexity of plan:

    • Basic: $1.2k – $5k
    • Intermediate: $5k-$10k
    • Advanced: $10k-$20k
  • Frequency

    1-2 planning session(s) + plan review

  • What you get

    A financial plan including:

    • Current financial picture
    • Future financial projections
    • Savings goals
    • Investment allocations

Your questions, answered

What do I actually get from Standalone Financial Planning?

  1. Current Financial Picture: Financial planning will start by collecting information about your current financial picture, like your net worth (assets & debts), your annual budgeting, and your cash-flow (cash coming in, cash going out).
  2. Future Financial Picture: Once your Planner understands your financial picture, you will discuss and identify your goals and how you expect your incomes and expenses to trend.
  3. The ‘Plan’: Based on your current financial picture and where you want to go, your Planner will help you devise a plan around how much to save and how to allocate assets across taxable and tax deferred accounts.
  4. Followup: Most Financial Planning clients follow up with their Planners over the course of the first year to make any adjustments once the plan has been implemented. From there, clients often will set up regular reviews (on a quarterly or bi-quarterly basis) to continue to refine the Plan based on new information and goals.

What are the qualifications of the planner I’d be working with?

Harness Wealth has curated a marketplace of pre-vetted top-tier financial firms. Based on your profile, we will suggest a few firms that have experience working with clients like you. All of these firms have Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) that will guide you through the Financial Planning process. To become a CFP, advisors must qualify via the CFP exam, which is like the Financial industry’s equivalent of the Bar exam.

When it comes to other Financial Management services, like Holistic Wealth Management, for example, you might also encounter other advisory certifications like CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Tax Attorney (JD).

When it comes to other other wealth management services, like investment management for example, you might also encounter other advisory certifications like CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Tax Attorney (JD).

I haven’t decided on longer term financial goals yet... Can a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) help?

First, we want to assure you that it is totally normal to not have your long-term financial goals set in stone just yet. Yes, via Standalone Financial Planning, your CFP can help you set goals by looking at your existing financial picture (including future career plans and milestones) and lay out possible financial trajectories for you to consider. They will also help you create a risk adjusted portfolio based on your risk tolerance and immediate needs.

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