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Comprehensive Tax Planning

Ongoing tax support to help you meet your goals, big and small.

Receive tax guidance from one of our pre-vetted experts on your income, investments, and other relevant factors throughout the year. This service also includes quarterly estimated tax payments and annual tax preparation and filing. Packages start at $1,200. 

This service is perfect for...

Anyone with a more complex, diverse financial portfolio

For example, if you’re a taxpayer who has an interest in pass-through entities (venture capital funds, partnerships or S-Corporations) or a beneficiary of a trust, you could benefit greatly from ongoing tax planning with an expert advisor who is well versed in how to optimize your tax impact. By forming a relationship with a dedicated advisor, they’ll better understand your financial situation and be better equipped to identify these opportunities.

Anyone whose income is not subject to withholding by an employer

If you earn income from various sources throughout the year, such as equity windfalls, venture capital fund distributions, crypto investments, and sales, or small business income, an expert advisor can help you navigate your quarterly tax payments. Consequences for underpaying taxes could mean penalties and interest charges.

Anyone considering a major life milestone

Life milestone events such as buying a home, having a child, or planning for retirement can present opportunities to optimize or reduce your tax burden. Working with a tax advisor can help you take advantage of credits and deductions that fit your personal situation and goals.

Pricing & Details

  • Pricing

    Packages start at $1,200 based on rates set by the advisor

  • Frequency

    Ongoing, including quarterly estimates and annual filing

  • What you get
    • A dedicated tax advisor
    • A personalized tax optimization strategy
    • Quarterly estimates
    • Federal filing / State filing

Your questions, answered

How is Tax Planning different from Tax Preparation?

Our tax preparation and filing service specifically helps you prepare and submit your tax return to the IRS upon the tax filing deadline or extension and is a one-time, annual service.

Comprehensive tax planning involves considering past years’ taxes, planning for future taxable events, and working with a tax professional to make sure you use the tax code to your greatest advantage. Your advisor will provide ongoing support throughout the year, including any quarterly payments you need to make. This service also includes annual tax preparation and filing.

How much does the typical advisor on Harness charge for this service?

Tax Planning services start at $1,200 for a basic package. This fee is based on both the client’s tax complexity and the advisor’s level of specialization and experience. Using Harness Wealth, you’ll be matched with a tax advisor who is tailored to your specific profile, goals, and preferences.

Are quarterly tax planning and estimates included in Tax Planning?

Yes, our comprehensive tax planning service can include quarterly tax planning and estimates. You’ll be able to work with your advisor to create a personalized strategy that considers situational, industry-specific, or state-specific tax optimizations and provide you with dedicated support throughout the year.

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