Retirement Planning

To create a future income stream for retirement, strategically structure your accounts to maximize your growth and minimize your taxes.

What you need to do

Key steps to consider, what to watch out for, and ways advisory firms can help when planning your retirement strategy.

  • Maximize Your Tax Benefits

    A long-term tax strategy that considers retirement contributions to Traditional or Roth 401(k)s and/or IRAs can help lower your personal and business tax burden in the present and upon retirement.

  • Don’t Miss Out on Gains

    Evaluate your contribution amounts, fees, and asset allocations to match your risk tolerance and investment strategy, and make sure to take full advantage of employer match.

  • Inventory Your Accounts

    Assess the viability of Social Security, Pensions, and Annuities, as well as RMD (Required Minimum Distributions) from your retirement accounts.

  • Minimize Tax Risk

    Avoid unintentionally triggering income taxes or penalties from withdrawing or contributing the incorrect amounts at the wrong times.

Common Mistakes

  • Missing out on compound interest
  • Overpaying on fees
  • Mismanaging accounts from multiple employers

How can advisory firms help?

  • Tax Firms

    Tax strategy

    Benefit both in the present and future by strategically contributing to the right retirement accounts.

    Business owners

    Adhere to IRS Non-discrimination Testing requirements for business owners about what retirement accounts they can offer and how much they can contribute.

  • Trust and Estate Firms

    Planning ahead

    Incorporate retirement account distributions and assets as part of your overall wealth transfer strategy.

  • Financial Advisory Firms

    Overall strategy

    Retirement planning may conflict with your other short- and medium-term financial goals. An adviser can help you create a balanced strategy.

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