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A true partner for every stage of your equity journey

At Harness Wealth, we consider everything from equity grants and crypto assets to 401ks. Financial and tax advice isn’t just about optimizing. We make sure to consider your life goals and help you feel confidence in achieving them.

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Founder & employee equity

How are ISOs taxed? When should I exercise? Avoid mistakes and make the most of your equity with exercise strategies, tax planning and 1:1 education.

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Selling your equity

Navigating IPOs, acquisitions, and secondary markets can be difficult on your own. An experienced partner will make tax projections and multi-year exercise, sell strategies feel easy.

ISO tax scenarios for IPO

Navigating milestones alongside equity ownership

Your personal goals and milestones are important to consider when making equity decisions. Learn the key considerations and the smartest services at every turn for you and your loved ones.

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Get specific advice on your hardest equity questions with Harness