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1:1 Equity Tax Planning Session

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A virtual 1-on-1 with an equity-experienced tax advisor can help you understand how upcoming decisions will affect your taxes and financial goals. $250 per session.

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This service is perfect for...

Early employees

Work with an equity-experienced tax advisor to understand the potential value, tax considerations, and exercising possibilities of your current or upcoming equity compensation, like options or RSUs. You’ll get guidance on your toughest equity questions.

Evaluating job offers

If you have equity grants from your current company, switching jobs often means it’s time to make a decision. Should you exercise your remaining options or let them expire? What would this mean for your taxes? Your tax advisor will provide a framework to think through these decisions during your Equity 1:1 Consultation.

Making plans to sell equity

Prepare for an upcoming liquidity event, like an IPO, acquisition, secondary market sale, or tender offer by running exercise/sell scenarios of possible costs, taxes, and profits. Your advisor will help you define a strategy based on your specific timeline, upcoming goals, and risk tolerance.

Pricing & Details

  • Pricing

    $250 for one hour

  • Frequency

    Standalone 1 hour session

  • What you get
    • Tax strategies for exercising
    • Tax strategies for selling
    • Multi-year tax projections

Your questions, answered

How is this different than Tax Planning or Tax Preparation services?

While Tax Planning and Tax Preparation services are ongoing relationships with tax advisors, the 1:1 Equity Tax Planning service is a one-time consultation and does not include any tactical tax filing assistance.

Tax Preparation (AKA Annual tax filing): This service consists of annual personal tax filing with a tax advisor, like a CPA. It includes compiling documents, as well as preparing and filing all tax returns for your household.

Tax Planning: This service includes annual tax filing, quarterly estimated payments and addressing more complicated tax needs including international income, international or multi-state residency, multiple state tax returns, K-1s (tax forms created by partnerships and alternative investments) or planning around complex equity liquidity events.

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What can I expect at the end of my 1:1 session?

During this session, you and your assigned tax advisor will have walked through various exercise/sell scenarios that are specific to your equity grants, tax profile, and near- and long-term goals. For example, you’ll see what you could make in profits and owe in taxes if you exercised today and held long enough to qualify for long term capital gains. Your scenarios would allow you to compare this outcome to other scenarios, like minimizing AMT or selling immediately after you exercise.

The various scenarios that you run with your advisor will help you understand:

  • The potential value of your equity
  • Tax strategies that are available for you based on the type of equity you hold
  • How you can strategize over multiple years to align with your cashflow needs, appetite for investment risk, and financial goals.

What is the best way to prepare?

Great question! The Harness Tax Concierge will ask you to share a few documents with them, within 48 hours of booking your service. This helps ensure your equity session is customized, effective, and efficient. These documents include:

  • Equity documents: Gather your equity holdings and stock option plan info. If you file taxes jointly with your partner, include their documents as well.
  • Tax documents: Have your last year’s tax filings ready to ensure your tax advisor understands your tax picture. Include your partner’s, if filing taxes jointly
  • Pay stubs: Share your most recent paystub with your tax advisor to help give them your full financial picture. Again, include your partner’s most recent pay stub, if applicable.

Your advisor will also send you a short questionnaire to ensure they are aware of your equity questions and goals ahead of time. This will make sure that the strategies and topics you cover in the 1-hour session are specific to you.

Meet with experts that understand your equity

Builders like you need dedicated advice from people that get the complexity of equity. Meet some of the experts working with Harness Tax.

Sam Boehr

JD, LLM Tax Law, 6+ years experience

“I believe providing a high level of service on complex tax planning issues gives clarity and eases anxiety for clients worried about a specific tax event. I really enjoy when a client walks away saying thank you and the session was really helpful for them in understanding their tax situation.”

Robert Schmidt

Enrolled Agent, 20+ years experience

“My team specializes in helping clients navigate through equity option decisions, crypto taxes, and taxes for ex-pats. I love to create personalized tax plans to help clients meet their life goals.”

Doug Waite

CPA, 15+ years experience

“Equity compensation requires the holder to make informed decisions. I enjoy helping clients understand the financial and tax aspects of their equity compensation package so they can make those informed decisions with confidence.”

Padmini Headshot

Padmini Sabanayagam

Tax Manager, 12+ Years of Experience

“Everyone’s tax situation is unique and planning for the future can be overwhelming with increasing complexity and evolving legislation. As a trusted advisor with my experience, I help clients navigate the complexity by providing personalized guidance.”

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