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A net worth tracker made for startup equity and crypto holders

Understand your net worth, asset allocation, and equity vesting in minutes. Harness combines everything in a clear, modern dashboard. It’s time to say goodbye to spreadsheets.

wealth tracker tool with net worth and asset allocation
personal balance sheet

Know where your finances stand

See how your net worth evolves over time. In a few minutes, you can connect all of your household’s accounts and investments in a simple, elegant dashboard.

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Add (almost) anything, including

your equity and crypto.

Instantly connect online accounts or add investments including your startup equity, crypto, real estate holdings, and more.

Asset allocation

Understand how your assets stack up and break down

Keep tabs on the allocation and evolution of your accounts, investments, and debts over time. We’ll help you stay on track with your financial milestones and manage your risk exposure.

asset allocation showing startup equity tracking
Startup equity planning

View your equity alongside your cash accounts

Choose how you want to value your equity and visualize it alongside your net worth. Plus, stay ahead of the curve by learning the best time to exercise and sell your equity to optimize for your personal goals.

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Get better advice from your advisors

Talk with a tax advisor experienced in equity to personalize your equity strategy over multiple years.

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