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Getting married

Congratulations! As you take this major step, work with tax advisors and financial planners to ensure you are set up to maximize your joint financial strategy and achieve your long-term goals.

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What you need to know

Key steps to consider, common mistakes, and services that can help you plan for now and for your future

1. Plan for expenses

Large upcoming expenditures such as the wedding, honeymoon, purchase of a primary residence, and legal/insurance fees may require a reallocation of cash flow or assets.


2. Decide what to merge

Whether you decide to merge finances partially, fully, or not at all, consider the legal and tax implications of your respective debts and investments, the statuses of assets in property accounts and trusts, and potentially a prenuptial agreement.


3. Plan long term

Avoid surprises by having fully transparent discussions about historical and future considerations regarding joint or separate accounts and expenses, as well as long-term financial goals and estate planning.


4. Complete to-dos

There are less exciting logistical components that simply must be done: Re-titling of accounts, credit cards, IDs, etc. for name changes, as well as securing life insurance and making changes to tax filing statuses.

Common Mistakes

  • missing tax benefits

    Missing out on joint tax benefits

  • state-specific property rules

    Being unaware of state-specific property considerations

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