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Steve Cheung Joins Harness as Head of Engineering

Steve Cheung Joins Harness as Head of Engineering

We’re excited to share that Steve Cheung has joined Harness as our Head of Engineering.

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Kelley Maddox speaking at the 2024 Harness Tax Advisor Forum in New York

How a Solo Tax Advisor Went From $0 to $250K in 12 Months with Harness

We sat down with tax advisor, Kelley Maddox, to hear how he went from an in-house RIA tax team to being a solo advisor with a book of 140 clients in just one year.

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a client meeting with a financial advisor

How to Find a Financial Advisor for Entrepreneurs

In this guide, we explore 10 ways a financial advisor can help an entrepreneur or small business owner create a strong business and personal financial plan. Plus, learn how to find an advisor that meets your needs.

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Tax Client Onboarding: A Guide That Targets Increasing Profitability and Creating Satisfied Clients

The first month of a tax client’s relationship with you is crucial. In this guide, learn how to implement an onboarding program that has the potential to increase revenue and retain more clients.

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A self-filer doing their annual tax return

Self-filing Your Taxes? These 5 Tax Mistakes May Be Costing You Money

If you self-file your taxes, especially if you have a complex scenario like owning a business or planning for retirement, you could be leaving money on the table. Let’s change that.

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How to Choose the Best Tax Practice Management Software for Your Firm

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about choosing a tax practice management software provider and compare four modern platforms for small tax firms and breakaway tax advisors establishing their practices.

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a financial advisor meeting with clients

409A Valuation: How it Works and Common Questions

If you’re a startup founder or employee, you’ve likely heard of a 409A valuation. Maybe you’re in the process of conducting a 409A valuation? Either way, from early-stage companies, to more mature private companies, an accurate 409A valuation will help you stay in compliance with the IRS when offering equity compensation.

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a man writing at a desk

What Happens to Your Stock After Your Company is Acquired?

In this guide, we cover the common scenarios that startup employees with equity may face during an acquisition.

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a group of colleagues working on a project

IPOs to Watch in 2024 (Updated for April)

Despite 2023 being one of the slowest IPO markets of the last decade, experts are saying that the initial public offering landscape will reverse course in 2024. In this article, we provide updates for investors and employees with equity compensation on the status of the market’s largest IPOs of the year.

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startup employees collaborating

Navigating Taxes on Employee Stock When a Company IPOs

In this article, we cover how different forms of employee stock are taxed in relation to an initial public offering, and proactive strategies to take to potentially reduce your tax bill.

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