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a group of accountants

Maintaining A Community When Charting Your Own Path as a Solo CPA

From industry events to online communities, discover how to build and nurture a robust professional network that supports and enriches your solo CPA journey.

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Salaried or Solo: Navigating Your Path in the Evolving Tax Industry

Salaried vs. Solo: A Comparative Analysis of Earnings Potential in the Tax Industry

Explore the earnings potential of salaried versus solo careers in the tax industry, with a spotlight on rate-setting strategies and the support Harness Tax offers to solo CPAs.

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client onboarding for solo CPAs and growing accounting firms

Mastering Client Onboarding: A Step-by-Step Guide for Solo CPAs and Growing Accounting Firms

Enhance your client onboarding process with our practical step-by-step guide designed specifically for solo CPAs and growing accounting firms.

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Accountants working together at a computer

When and How to Make Your First Hire: Building a Team for Your Tax Firm

Is it time to make your first hire in your tax firm? Navigate the complexities of when to hire, what roles to consider, and how to budget effectively. Learn how Harness Wealth can be your strategic partner in scaling your accounting business.

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how much does it cost to start an accounting firm

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Accounting Firm in 2023?

From incorporation fees to software and insurance, understanding the costs is crucial to the success of your new tax firm. Dive into this comprehensive guide to explore the many expenses associated with launching your accounting business.

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new client scheduled

Growing Your New Tax Firm: Strategies for Client Acquisition and Retention

From understanding client ownership and ethics to exploring strategies for growth, this guide will walk you through attracting and retaining clients for your new accounting firm.

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A group meeting with a Harness Tax Advisor

Breaking Away From the Big 4: How to Start Your Own Accounting Firm

Thinking about starting your own CPA firm? Learn how to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, establish your firm, attract clients, and make use of the latest technology. With Harness Tax, you have a partner you can rely on.

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buy a vacation home. $949,000

How to Incorporate Real Estate into Your Personal Financial Plan

From first-time home buying to managing investment properties, learn how to effectively integrate real estate into your personal financial planning.

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A mother and daughter review an estate plan together

Estate Planning: A Key Part of Any Financial Plan

Navigating the complexities of estate planning is crucial to ensuring a lasting financial legacy. Our in-depth guide covers essential aspects including estate tax rates, key components of an estate plan, and strategic tax minimization techniques.

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Alternative minimum tax worksheet

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): Everything You Need to Know

Get all the details of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) system in our comprehensive guide. We break down the nuances of AMT tax rates, exemptions, and their potential implications.

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