Best-in-class support for you and your tax clients


From client servicing to billing support, our Concierge team enables you and your clients to get more done faster.

How we free up your time

Fielding questions from clients to help you stay focused.

  • Troubleshooting

  • Status updates

  • And so much more!

Client billing and renewals off your plate.

Handle billing, payments, and renewals all within one intuitive platform, and lean on Harness Concierge for any additional support you may need in keeping your client billing up to date.

E-filing support during your busiest times.

From collecting signatures and e-filing to monitoring acceptances, let Harness Concierge take the weight off your shoulders with an in-house support team to handle client e-filing.

Plus, Harness Concierge will coordinate and schedule your client introductions.

Our in-house team offers client support from the very start to make sure new clients can get started with a tax advisor as soon as possible. From scheduling meetings, to answering high-level questions, Concierge is there to make client introductions more efficient than ever before.

Experience the time-saving power of Harness Concierge

“Harness Concierge saves me
1.5 hours per new client in their onboarding alone.”

– Nick Chertock

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Nick Chertock