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A self-filer doing their annual tax return

Self-filing Your Taxes? These 5 Tax Mistakes May Be Costing You Money

If you self-file your taxes, especially if you have a complex scenario like owning a business or planning for retirement, you could be leaving money on the table. Let’s change that.

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a man writing at a desk

What Happens to Your Stock After Your Company is Acquired?

In this guide, we cover the common scenarios that startup employees with equity may face during an acquisition.

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a group of colleagues working on a project

IPOs to Watch in 2024 (Updated for April)

Despite 2023 being one of the slowest IPO markets of the last decade, experts are saying that the initial public offering landscape will reverse course in 2024. In this article, we provide updates for investors and employees with equity compensation on the status of the market’s largest IPOs of the year.

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startup employees collaborating

Navigating Taxes on Employee Stock When a Company IPOs

In this article, we cover how different forms of employee stock are taxed in relation to an initial public offering, and proactive strategies to take to potentially reduce your tax bill.

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An investor reviewing a Schedule K-1 with their tax advisor

What is a Schedule K-1 Tax Form?

If you receive income (or losses) from partnerships, S corporations, or certain trusts and estates, you’ll most likely be sent a Schedule K-1 form each tax season. In this article, we explore what a K-1 is, how the form works, and what you need to do with it if you get one.

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business man using a laptop and a notepad at a desk

A Tax Guide for VC, Private Equity, and Angel Investors

Whether you’re in venture capital, private equity, or angel investing, it's important to understand the tax implications of your investment income. From carried interest to K-1 forms and QSBS, there are many nuances to be aware of. In this guide, we'll break down some of the key tax considerations for private investors, and how Harness Wealth can help.

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ISOs, RSUs, and NSOs. The alphabet soup of equity compensation

Equity Compensation: A Guide for Founders and Employees

Equity compensation can be a bit of an alphabet soup, with a long list of terms and acronyms to navigate. In this article, we'll define some of the most common forms of equity compensation issued by startups and established companies alike, including RSUs, ISOs, NSOs, and more.

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Alternative minimum tax worksheet

What is the Alternative Minimum Tax? (Updated for 2024)

Get all the details of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) system in our comprehensive guide. We break down the nuances of AMT tax rates, exemptions, and their potential implications.

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early employee filing 83b election

What is an 83(b) Election and Should You File One?

If you’re a startup founder or a startup employee who received restricted stock, or you’re early exercising stock options, filing an 83(b) election can be a valuable tool to minimize taxes on your equity.

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Employee evaluating RSUs

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs): Everything You Need to Know

In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the complexities of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), helping you understand how to minimize tax liabilities tied to your equity compensation, and maximize your earnings potential in a liquidity event.

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