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Four ways to pay less taxes on crypto

If you've made crypto investments and are looking to reduce your tax bill, here are some strategies you can employ. Partnering with a crypto tax advisor can help you implement some of these strategies.

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Equity Tools

Harness Equity Tools Launches in Open Beta

We are excited about the release of the newest component to our platform, Harness Equity Tools. This offering moves us closer to our goal of giving builders like you absolute confidence in setting the best path toward your financial future with a comprehensive view of your assets and analyzing the strategic steps to take with your equity. 

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How Quarterly Tax Payments Work

Quarterly tax payments can seem intimidating, particularly in the first year that this happens for you or your household. We recommend that you think of them not just as an extra bill/hassle from the IRS, but a great opportunity to start being strategic about your overall tax plan as part of your financial goals.

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Crypto taxes for your NFTs

Crypto Taxes and Accounting (CPA) Services

Harness Wealth CPAs represent clients that hold crypto assets that invest long-term, actively trade, farm, stake, as well as mine. We're here to help guide you through the taxes of one of the most exciting and increasingly popular technology and investment opportunities.

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Diversify Your Portfolio: How Startup Employees Over-invest in Tech

Tech as an industry has had major growth in the last few years, and continues to hold strong, even in 2020. However, recent history shows that many tech employees run the very real risk of being too invested in the technology sector. We outline the most common components that make up this overall risk below, and offer some guidance how best to balance your unique risks and opportunities. 

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