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Harness Tools ISO tax analysis and stock option vesting

Tax Planning for Startup Founders and Employees

While it may seem premature to plan for reducing taxes as you're just getting off the ground, there are a few key tax-related decisions that are worth taking right from the beginning for many startups and their founders, given the high growth potential.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Next Year to Get a CPA

As much as we would like to delay thinking about tax filings, the end of the calendar year is the perfect time to evaluate whether you have the right CPA and get the right one in place. Here are the four reasons why you shouldn't wait.

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Tax Planning During Stock Market Volatility

During unprecedented periods of market volatility, emotions can run high when it comes to your investments. It can be unpleasant—indeed it is easy to panic—when the financial goals you’ve spent years working toward—a comfortable retirement or an education fund for your children or grandchildren—may seem to be at risk. COVID-19 is reminding us of that right now!

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How Quarterly Tax Payments Work

Quarterly tax payments can seem intimidating, particularly in the first year that this happens for you or your household. We recommend that you think of them not just as an extra bill/hassle from the IRS, but a great opportunity to start being strategic about your overall tax plan as part of your financial goals.

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Crypto taxes for your NFTs

Crypto Taxes and Accounting (CPA) Services

Harness Wealth CPAs represent clients that hold crypto assets that invest long-term, actively trade, farm, stake, as well as mine. We're here to help guide you through the taxes of one of the most exciting and increasingly popular technology and investment opportunities.

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Financial Planning for Employees Before and After IPO

Working for a company that goes through an IPO can have life-changing financial consequences. It can also give rise to tax and legal issues that must be addressed proactively to protect and maximize your windfall. 

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survey showing employer financial benefit survey

Financial Wellness Employee Benefits for Startups

Amidst layoffs and IPOs in 2020, executive teams and HR leaders are reevaluating their benefits offerings in 2021 with a newly critical eye. Is your company’s employee benefit...

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mobile phone with 83b deadline reminder showing

83(b) Filing Deadline Extension: 2020 COVID-19 Exception for 30-day Window

If you received shares or early exercised stock options in 2020 and filed or still need to file your 83(b), there are some unique circumstances this year to take in to account.

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Managing Employees Through a Liquidity Event: How HR Can Help with Equity Decisions

This can be an exciting time for your organization, but if you’re a manager or HR leader, it likely means you will be facing a wave of questions from employees throughout the event about what it means for their equity and personal finances.

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SPAC vs. IPO: Valuation, Lockup Period, and Employee Equity

As a founder or an employee at a company undergoing a SPAC, you should start planning as soon as you're aware the event is on the horizon. The financial impact of this event will not just be an easy windfall -- you'll have to consider the potential costs of exercising options, timing of selling shares, and the resulting tax bill before you can start thinking about how to invest your net proceeds.

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