Kelley Maddox speaking at the 2024 Harness Tax Advisor Forum in New York

How a Solo Tax Advisor Went From $0 to $250K in 12 Months with Harness

We sat down with tax advisor, Kelley Maddox, to hear how he went from an in-house RIA tax team to being a solo advisor with a book of 140 clients in just one year.

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Tax Client Onboarding: A Guide That Targets Increasing Profitability and Creating Satisfied Clients

The first month of a tax client’s relationship with you is crucial. In this guide, learn how to implement an onboarding program that has the potential to increase revenue and retain more clients.

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How to Choose the Best Tax Practice Management Software for Your Firm

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about choosing a tax practice management software provider and compare four modern platforms for small tax firms and breakaway tax advisors establishing their practices.

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how much does it cost to start an accounting firm

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Accounting Firm in 2024?

From incorporation fees to software and insurance, understanding the costs is crucial to the success of your new tax firm. Dive into this comprehensive guide to explore the many expenses associated with launching your accounting business.

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Overcoming Burnout in Accounting: Strategies For Success

Burnout is incredibly prevalent within the accounting profession. In this article we explore its causes, strategies for managing and preventing burnout, and how Harness Tax can help.

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Webinar Recap: Learn to Love Accounting Again – Redesign Your Practice for 2024

Discover transformative strategies for your tax advisory practice with insights from our recent Harness Tax webinar.

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How to start your own accounting practice

Client Accounting Services: A Guide for CPAs

Unlock the potential of Client Accounting Services (CAS) with our essential guide for CPAs. Explore how CAS can enhance client relationships, streamline operations, and increase your practice's revenue.

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Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services: A Comprehensive Guide for CPAs

Dive into Accounting Advisory Services with this in-depth guide for CPAs. Venture beyond tax preparation into strategic financial planning and estate management, unlocking new avenues for practice growth with Harness Tax's practice management platform.

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A smiling tax advisor sitting at a desk

Cybersecurity Best Practices for CPAs and Accounting Firms

Discover essential cybersecurity best practices for CPAs and accounting firms. Learn how to protect sensitive financial data and build client trust with this in-depth guide by Harness Tax.

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A CPA review documents

Diversifying Services: A Guide for Solo CPAs and Growing Tax Firms

Expanding your service offerings is not just a strategy; it's a necessity for long-term success. This comprehensive guide provides actionable insights to help you diversify your services, build stronger client relationships, and run a modern, scalable tax practice.

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