We are excited about the release of the newest component to our platform, Harness Equity Tools. This offering moves us closer to our goal of giving builders like you absolute confidence in setting the best path toward your financial future with a comprehensive view of your assets and analyzing the strategic steps to take with your equity. 

We are developing this offering for founders, early employees and investors (i.e. builders) like you because you should celebrate your ownership journey, not stress out about planning and taxes. Your needs are complex, too often ill-served by existing offerings, and your ranks are growing. In the last five years, the number of Americans with equity compensation has increased by 7 million. That includes startups, leaders of high-growth businesses, venture investors, and small business owners, among others. Harness builds upon the foundation of understanding your liquidity challenges and utilizes data to present services specifically customized to relieve them.

In Phase 1 of our journey, we developed a service discovery and advisory pairing marketplace. We help users identify the most valuable services to assist with their financial position while iteratively creating the most curated service marketplace in the U.S. Today, we have over 1,000 of the most accomplished and credentialed advisors across the tax, financial, trust, and estate industries.

In Phase 2 of our journey, we rolled out a dynamic, tech-driven tax offering to help users get the advice they need, with relevant expertise and compelling pricing. 

In Phase 3 of our journey, we’re introducing Harness Equity Tools, giving users powerful insights into what to expect in potential taxes and profits, maximizing their equity. A recent industry report found that in 2020, ~$5B was left on the table by employees not exercising pre-IPO options. Our equity tools help users analyze their choices and make better financial decisions—supported by our network of the best advisors in the U.S.

Harness equity tools provide intuitive insights to critical questions you may face:

We hope you find Harness equity tools valuable and invite your input and feedback as we continue to evolve them in beta.