Grow your practice with qualified client leads


Reach more prospects who are looking for dedicated, comprehensive tax planning services. With specialized services designed for founders, business owners, early employees, and investors of growing businesses, you can strategically expand your list of clients.

Resources for every stage of their financial journey

No matter where they are in their financial journey, Harness Wealth attracts clients with a variety of resources based on their preferences. We provide access to expert advice to help build their confidence in the path to their best financial future.

Educational, relevant content

The Harness blog features timely and relevant articles that allow them to explore questions that they have about their financial situation. From broad financial topics to specific events in the tax industry, our content helps prime clients for taking the next step and meeting with an advisor.

Customizable financial tools

After signing up at Harness Wealth, clients can add their accounts and equity to use our free tools. We provide the ability to track their net worth, asset allocation, and equity vesting in a clear, modern dashboard.

Personalized advisor recommendations

Based on their profile and the topics that they’re interested in, we provide clients with a shortlist of services that can meet their needs. From financial planners to wealth managers, our goal is to match clients with the right financial support to reach their goals.

Create visibility for your practice and win over high-value prospects

With Harness Tax, you’ll get the resources you need to highlight your expertise. We set you up with a personalized landing page and help you establish your firm’s identity with branded business cards and collateral.


What is Harness Tax?

Harness Tax is a modern tax solution built for entrepreneurial advisors and their clients. We’re transforming the advisory model by combining the expertise of tax professionals with advanced technology to create a more flexible, digital, secure and insightful tax experience.


Simply put: We provide resources for you to scale, while you maintain control of all major business decisions.


The Harness Tax platform offers:


  • Integrated technology: Our technology streamlines your business processes and enhances the experience for you and your clients
  • Talented, supportive team: We’ll support you with administrative tasks and engagement management, so you can focus on your clients and grow your business
  • Grow your client base: We’ll help you strategically expand your client base by sending you clients that fit your desired profile and providing the resources to help you increase your win rate with other high-value prospects.
  • Advisor network: Become a member of a growing community of leading advisors sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Enhanced resources: Benefit from Harness’ curated events, network of advisers and best-in-class company resources (e.g. former Head of the IRS, Chief Security Officer, legal resources, etc)

How much does it cost to join the Harness Tax platform?

When you join the Harness Tax platform, you’ll be able to maintain control over your practice while leveraging a wide range of tools and support. We’ll work with you to find the right mix of resources and a revenue share agreement that works for you and your business goals.

How is Harness Tax different from other tax firms?

We’re not a traditional tax firm. We’re a platform that enables you to grow your practice and deliver exceptional services. We believe advisors on the Harness Tax platform should own and control all the major business decisions of their practice — from the clients you work with to the pricing you offer.

What is the Harness Tax Advisor experience like?

You get to focus on the work that you enjoy. As an advisor on the Harness Tax platform, you’ll have the freedom to build your practice while receiving resources and support.


You own 100% of your business and leverage the technology and optimized processes of the Harness Tax platform. This lets you focus on higher-value services for your clients. We’ll elevate your clients’ experience by making it easier for them to share information with you, and our team will handle time-consuming administrative tasks.


You’ll also join the Harness Tax Advisor community, where you can network and collaborate with other advisors to share ideas, best practices, and provide support on client issues. We’ll give you tools to meet virtually and create opportunities to meet other advisors in person.

I operate my own firm. How will Harness Tax benefit me?

This is the question we hear most often. You already have a business, so what’s in it for you?


It’s an easy answer for us: Joining the Harness Tax platform helps you reach your goals and spend your time in areas that add the most value to your clients. Whether it’s becoming more efficient, adding qualified clients to your book of business, or keeping up with the latest technology — we can help. The Harness Tax platform lets you focus on your clients and your business.

I’m currently working for another firm. Can I be an advisor on the Harness Tax platform?

Absolutely. If you aspire to own your own practice, though perhaps have been apprehensive about matching (or exceeding) the resources of your current firm, Harness Tax is the turn-key solution for you.


We’re looking for exceptional, client-focused tax advisors that have experience working with founders, business owners, early employees, and investors of growing businesses.


We’ll provide you the resources that you’d expect from a larger firm, while you control how you grow your own practice. The Harness Tax platform lets you minimize stress, create a work-life balance you desire, and enjoy the work you do.


Schedule a consultation here. We’d love to learn more about the practice you’d like to build.


What type of advisors is Harness Tax looking for?

We’re looking for exceptional, client-focused tax advisors that have experience working with founders, business owners, early employees, and investors of growing businesses.


All advisors on the Harness Tax platform provide tax planning and compliance to individuals and growing small businesses, and have expertise in equity-based compensation and ownership (often along with other services and areas of expertise).


Harness Tax also supports all your business tax and bookkeeping needs.


If you’re interested in becoming an advisor with Harness Tax, schedule a consultation today.