Harness Wealth Firm Evaluation Process

We have distinct due diligence processes for each type of firm on our platform (financial advising, tax, and trust & estate). They are all interviewed a minimum of 5 times and screened for over 120 attributes to measure the quality of their services. They are rigorously evaluated upfront and also re-audited on an annual basis based on ongoing client feedback.

We strive to refer you to the “best” firms, and while we are conscious of awards, educational backgrounds, local/national prestige, and other measures of performance, we recognize that “best” means different things to different clients: small vs. large firms, in-person vs. digitally-forward firms, specialized vs. general service firms, communication style, etc. Therefore, our curated firms are diverse, in order to serve the ultimate goal of helping you find advisors that are a perfect fit for your needs.

Across the board, advisors at firms selected by Harness Wealth typically have at least 15 years of experience, hold advanced degrees (MBA, JD, MST, etc.), and have a variety of speciality certifications (CFP, CFA, CPA, EA, etc.).

Financial advisory firms



Services and Expertise


Security and Technology


Tax Firms

Services and expertise


Security and rechnology


Trust & estate firms

Services and experience

Security and technology

Affiliations and references



Additional Screening Factors for All Firms