When it comes to taxes on equity compensation, there’s a lot to navigate. From Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) to Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), and everything in between, everyone’s situation is unique, and it can be hard to find relevant, personalized information. Traditional tax firms tend to have rigid business models that make it difficult for clients looking for one-off expert consultations or even ongoing planning services. This is where Harness Tax comes in: to provide clients with easily accessible, ad-hoc support for equity questions, as well as to help them over time through ongoing relationships with expert tax professionals who can craft a comprehensive, personalized tax strategy.

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming liquidity event, such as an IPO, or you’re interested in bringing more sophistication to your overall tax strategy, Harness Tax offers a range of services to meet your needs. Have a look at our services below and consider signing up for an account today.

1:1 Equity Planning Session


Comprehensive Tax Planning

Annual Tax Filing

Type of engagement

One-time, one hour

Annual, as needed

Annual, as needed


A personalized virtual meeting with a CPA experienced in working with equity. Talk through your equity concerns, goals, and next steps before an equity event occurs.

Ongoing tax guidance from an accountant throughout the year, including expert insight into the industry and state-specific tax optimizations that affect you.

Annual tax filing through a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), which includes compiling documents, preparing, and filing all tax forms for your household or small business.



Starts at $250/hour; tax advisors set their own rates

Flat fee based on tax advisor rates

Does this include annual tax preparation and filing?




Why should I choose this?

The standalone nature of this service is perfect for anyone who isn’t ready for an ongoing relationship with a tax advisor just yet.

Working with an expert advisor will give you the confidence you need to make big decisions about your equity at a transparent and fair price point. They’ll work with you to model different exercise and sale scenarios so that you can understand the outcome of each option.

Aside from actual tax returns, a tax advisor can help you make tax advantaged decisions in key areas like retirement, estate planning, investment management, charitable giving, and small business planning.

Additionally, major life events, like a marriage, the birth of a child, or buying a home can also be scenarios where filers could leave money on the table if they don’t consult with a professional tax advisor.

Online tax tools make it easy for the average person to file their annual tax returns, but tax advisors can help you avoid penalties and take advantage of tax breaks that the most non-professionals likely wouldn’t recognize.  

Tax regulations are constantly changing, and it’s difficult to quickly identify and keep up to date with which laws are most applicable to you.

How will I be matched with a CPA?

Based on availability. All advisors will be equipped to speak with you about equity compensation.

Complete your Harness Wealth profile and answer a few questions about your financial situation. We’ll provide a shortlist of tax experts who specialize in your profile and needs.

How does it work?

In a 1 hour tax-planning session, an expert advisor will:

1. Review your equity and tax documents

2. Answer your key equity questions

3. Provide personalized projections of potential equity decisions, like the tax implications of exercising or selling stock

Based on your Harness profile, we’ll recommend a shortlist of tax firms that specialize in your needs. Our concierge team will work with you to set up a complimentary introduction with your selected firms. If you decide to move forward, your advisor will work with you to confirm the details of your engagement, including provided services and required fees.

What will I get out of this?

Your advisor will answer questions about your equity and provide a personalized set of scenarios relevant to your tax situation.

If you need additional support, your advisor can recommend next steps based on your questions.

Depending on the plan that you and your advisor create, you’ll get a personalized tax optimization strategy with dedicated support throughout the year.

Having an ongoing relationship with a trusted advisor means that they’ll be able to provide more personalized support over time.

After providing all of your tax documents, your expert advisor will prepare and file your tax return on your behalf, taking into account any optimizations for your situation.


Still not sure which Harness Tax service is right for you? Take our quiz help to help you decide. We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals.

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