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Tools that put you in control of your finances and startup equity.

Ditch the spreadsheets. Track your assets, like equity and crypto. Get insights on your equity’s potential value and future taxes. All in one simple, elegant dashboard. Our users love it.

balance sheet tracking net worth, asset composition, and debt composition
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Track assets & debts

Track your finances in one clear, powerful dashboard

Track your net worth, asset allocation, and equity vesting in minutes. Harness combines everything in a clear, modern dashboard. You won’t miss your spreadsheet.

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early employee tracking net worth, equity vesting, and assets & debts

Add (almost) anything, including your equity and crypto

Instantly connect online institutions using Plaid, crypto wallets using Vezgo, or manually add assets like your equity compensation and real estate holdings.

Equity tax insights

Hold ISOs, RSUs, or other startup equity? Game out future profits and taxes

Use Harness to project future exercise and sale events. We allow you to run multiple scenarios at once to compare taxes and take-home amounts:

  • Maximize long-term capital gains

  • Minimize AMT

  • Diversify your concentrated holdings

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1:1 Equity Tax Planning Session

Talk with a tax advisor to personalize your equity plan

Sign on for a virtual one-hour tax planning session with a tax advisor experienced in equity.

  • Get answers to your specific equity questions

  • Project personalized exercising tax scenarios

  • Project personalized selling tax scenarios

  • Optimize taxes across multiple years

  • $250 per session

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