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Your tax advisor has just joined Harness Tax, a modern tax platform where tax experts can provide clients with a secure and flexible platform to collaborate and communicate.

Why Harness Tax?

Our goal is to make the tax process more seamless, especially if you want to create a better tax strategy to meet your financial goals or need support navigating big financial decisions or life milestones.

Your questions, answered:

Is Harness Tax part of Harness Wealth?

Good question! Harness Tax is Harness Wealth’s in-house tax brand with affiliate tax teams. It was launched to address unique challenges and gaps we saw our clients facing in tax services and specializations.

How it fits into our advisory marketplace: When finding an advisory firm through your Harness Wealth account, our recommendation algorithm takes into account your goals, needs, and financial profile to recommend firms that have services, pricing, etc that are a good fit.  Harness Tax is one of many firms you may be recommended based on your profile.

Harness Tax doesn’t receive preferential treatment in our recommendation algorithm, and we encourage you to evaluate them just as you would any other firm on our platform. 

You can read more about our reasons for establishing Harness Tax here.

How is Harness Tax different from other tax firms?

Harness Tax was established to address unique challenges in the Tax industry for our early employee, founder, and investor clients.

Access to specialty tax services: We found that the vast majority of established tax firms had less flexible business models that made it difficult for clients looking for one-off expert consultations that fell outside of annual filing or ongoing planning services.This is a gap for one of our most popular client needs, which is one-off consultations on equity decisions right before and after a liquidity event.

Tech experience: Our goal from day one has been to build an end-to-end digital platform that made Harness clients’ experience in both discovering and collaborating with advisors seamless. We saw an opportunity on the tax side to begin investing more deeply in the digitization of the tax workflow to create that experience for a traditionally very paperwork-heavy industry.

Tax market gap: There are several large, brand name firms that have high minimum fees, which can be a good fit if you have ongoing, high complexity tax needs, but they have limited flexibility in how they serve clients. We are seeking to deliver the expertise of big firms with more dynamic services that result in lower fees, so that discerning clients don’t have to feel like they’re stuck between choosing between two extremes: TurboTax (affordability) vs. big tax firms (expertise).

What actions should I take?

First, sign in to your new Client Portal here. We’ve worked with your tax advisor to add your information and documents so that it’s all ready for you to kick off the next engagement. If you have questions or want to schedule time with your advisor, reach out to our (human!) concierge here.