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Promoters Disclosure


Harness Wealth Adviser LLC (“Harness Wealth”), a registered investment adviser, acts as a promoter for each investment adviser (“Advisor”) that will be recommended to you after acknowledging this disclosure statement. Harness Wealth, our supervised persons, or affiliates have business or client relationships with one or more Advisors, or the Advisors’ affiliates, that are on our platform. Certain Advisors on our platform are non-controlling passive investors in our parent company, Multiplier, Inc. Specifically, Klingman & Associates, LLC and Perigon Wealth Management LLC have each acquired less than 1% ownership interest in Multiplier, Inc. This presents a conflict of interest as we have an incentive to recommend these Advisors over Advisors that have not invested in our parent company. However, Advisors are selected for the platform independent of our relationships with the Advisors or their affiliates.

For these referral services, Harness Wealth will be paid 15% to 20% of all fees and other compensation received by the Advisor for accounts that are managed by the Advisor as a result of Harness Wealth’s efforts. Harness Wealth receives 15% on assets under $500,000 and 20% on assets over $500,000.

Harness Wealth seeks to provide multiple advisor options, however, receiving compensation in exchange for a referral creates a conflict of interest. Because the compensation Harness Wealth receives varies depending on the referral agreement with each Advisor, we have a financial incentive to promote Advisors that pay a higher fee over Advisors that pay a lower fee to Harness Wealth. Additionally, our proprietary algorithm does not factor in the amount of compensation Harness Wealth receives from the Advisors or whether an Advisor has invested in our parent company when recommending Advisors to you, therefore mitigating this conflict of interest. The algorithm selects Advisors based on the profile information provided by you and provides up to three Advisors to choose from. You are under no obligation to use the services of any Advisor to whom we may refer you.

All such fees and other compensation is paid by the Advisor from the advisory fees that it collects as the investment manager of such accounts, and no additional fees or other amounts are added to the Advisors’ normal advisory fees or to the amount charged by Harness Wealth as a result of the referral by Harness Wealth to the Advisor. Additional information concerning the Advisors is contained in the Advisor’s Form ADV Part 2.

You can read more about Harness Wealth’s services, fees and conflicts of interest in our Client Relations Summary (“Form CRS”) and ADV Part 2A. Additionally, you can read about our approach to data privacy in our Privacy Policy.

By submitting this request and proceeding to view your recommendations for Advisors, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the required disclosures provided via the above linked documents. We will also email you a copy of our disclosure brochures when you join our platform. You can always refer back to these documents by clicking the appropriate links in the footer of our website.