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Press Team

Steven Press, CPA

Steven Press is a CPA and CFE with 10+ years of tax and accounting experience. He specializes in tax planning for employees and founders of tech and high-growth companies, helping them to maximize the value of their equity compensation. Steven received his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University – Kelley School of Business in 2008, and became a Certified Public Accountant in 2011.



Press Team's Services and Specialties

The Press team works with employees and founders of tech and high-growth companies. They are specialists in tax planning, advisory, and compliance for equity based compensation. The team is based in New York, serving clients across the country.

1:1 Equity Tax Planning Session

Depending on your needs, either a one-time exercise strategy or a multiyear strategy to exercise all of your options.

Liquidity needs and transaction advisory

Assistance in evaluating multiple liquidity offers for individuals who want to access the value of their equity before their companies’ stock is traded publicly.

Tax Planning

Year-round, dynamic tax planning to optimally structure your finances and investments from a tax perspective. This includes navigating trading windows or private stock transactions. This service is inclusive of tax preparation.

Tax Preparation

Annual document preparation and filing any tax forms for individual or family taxpayers.


  • Annual Tax Preparation

    Starts at $1,500

  • Tax planning

    $150-$425 per hour

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