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LexTax Team

Doug Waite, CPA

Doug Waite is a California CPA and graduate of Rutgers University – School of Business Camden. For the last ten years, he has been a solo practitioner and owner of the LexTax firm. Prior to that, he worked with high net worth clients at PricewaterhouseCoopers and various family office groups.

LexTax Team's Services and Specialties

The LexTax team provides individuals and families with tax compliance and planning services. Their focus is on helping clients navigate the complex tax issues of their executive compensation packages, along with planning for future life events, like the costs of college tuition or retirement planning.

1:1 Equity Tax Planning Session

One-time or on-going planning sessions to help you make informed decisions related to the financial and tax implications of any pre-IPO or post-IPO equity events.

Tax Preparation

Preparation and e-filing of all tax returns for individual family members along with any required trust, gift or entity tax returns

Generational Tax Planning

Assisting client and client’s family members with understanding and complying with the tax implications of generational wealth transference.

Tax Planning for life events

Periodic tax planning sessions to review and minimize the tax implications for any major life events like purchasing a home, sending a child to college or transitioning to retirement.

  • Partner Tax Advisor:  $390/hour
  • Tax Manager: $325/hour
  • Sr. Tax Associate: $225/hour
  • Tax Associate: $195/hour


  • 1:1 equity tax planning session

    $250/1 hour

  • Annual Tax Preparation

    Starts at $750

  • ad hoc planning (partner)