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Neil Johnson

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Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson, the Managing Director of the Johnson Team, has been a tax professional for over thirty years and has prepared thousands of tax returns for individuals, small businesses, trusts and estates. As Neil says, “You can’t be an expert in crypto taxes if you aren’t a tax expert first and foremost.” Neil is more than a crypto tax expert, he is also a very active enthusiast participating in investing, mining and DeFi activities.

Johnson Team's Services and Specialties

The Johnson Team serves both individual crypto enthusiasts and crypto businesses. Our crypto businesses include mining farms, NFT creators and have two clients which plan to release their own tokens in late 2022. As our firm is committed to the crypto community, we do accept crypto as payment for our services. Follow us on Twitter @cryptotaxdude.

Small business advisory

Proactive planning and financial strategies to help your business grow and succeed

Tax Preparation

Annual document preparation and filing any tax forms for business, individual, or family tax payers.

Tax planning

Year-round tax planning to successfully reduce tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize after-tax income.

  • Partner Tax Advisor:  $450/hour
  • Tax Manager: $325/hour
  • Sr. Tax Associate: $225/hour
  • Tax Associate: $195/hour


  • Annual Tax Preparation

    Starts at $1,000

  • tax planning (partner)