Harness Tax Advisors

Reimagining Taxes: Changing How CPAs Work

Join a modern tax firm that provides elite CPAs with the resources of a large firm and the autonomy of owning their own business.

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Grow your business

Expand your reach and build your client base through Harness Tax's corporate partnerships and direct-to-consumer content

Full staff support

Marketing, administrative, and tax professionals to help you free up time for more advisory conversations

Technology driven

Best-in-class technology & proprietary systems to streamline internal processes and collaboration with clients

Harness Tax allows me to operate at the same level I was accustomed to operating at larger firms. I wish we had come together before I expended so much energy figuring out the best technology on my own when I started my firm. All of that was immediately at my fingertips with Harness.
Cari Manteiga, CPA
Harness Tax Advisor
I am excited and stoked at the idea of this new and refreshing approach to client service!
Doug Waite, CPA
Harness Tax Advisor
We get client information before having a meeting with a client. I don't have to chase clients anymore for information. Having the concierge and tools takes out the administrative tasks off my hands and helps me be more efficient.
Sam Boehr
Tax Manager
Our experienced tax team comes from various notable firms. They collaborate with our Harness Tax Advisors to efficiently get returns out the door for clients.
Lance Bernard, CPA
Tax Manager

Partnerships, digital marketing, and business development

How Harness Tax can grow your client base

    • Access new companies & clients through corporate partnerships & direct to consumer content

    • Increase new tax client win-rates through a superior tech experience

    • Increase retention through better data collection & real-time visibility on tax liabilities

    • Grow lifetime value per client through value-creating additional services

The Process

  1. Have an introductory call and apply to join the network

    Speak with our Business Development team to assess mutual fit and learn more about Harness Tax.

  2. Onboarding and setup

    We’ll fully manage the transition of existing systems and client records so that your business can run without interruptions.

  3. Launch as a Harness Tax Advisor

    Offer new services to existing clients, develop a focus area/specialty that you’re excited about, meet new clients, and grow your business in and out of tax season.

Learn More

Set up an intro call or email us at advisors@harnesstax.com if you have any questions.