Not all experts are created equal

You want an adviser aligned to your best interests and with the specific expertise to address your needs. We curate a network of some of the most sophisticated advisers in the U.S. to help you make the most of your unique position.

Get access to financial, tax and legal expertise

We intelligently pair you with the advisers that can help make the most of your wealth — freeing you to focus on what really gets you out of bed in the morning.

  1. Financial Planning and Investment

    Your financial future — and financial present — depends on savvy management. Our expert financial advisers help navigate things like equity compensation, a recent inheritance, or retirement planning.

  2. Tax Strategy and Planning

    Expertise in the complexities of tax strategy and planning is essential to maximizing your income and wealth. Our sophisticated CPAs work with intricate business structures, multiple sources of income and complex multi-jurisdictional filing needs to enable you to optimize your tax obligations and financial opportunities.

  3. Estate and Trust Law

    Seeing the future is daunting. Even thinking about it can be enough to let that task simmer. But the Trust & Estate Attorneys on our platform can help you plan ahead, protecting your family and ensuring that your wealth continues to serve your vision well into the future.

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Adviser Selection Process

We take best in class seriously

We rigorously evaluate and individually interview the expert advisers we work with before we recommend them to you.

In collaboration with our Advisory Council of former CEOs, policy-makers and ultra-high-net-worth family office executives, we’ve developed an extensive diligence process for advisers who work with us.

We collect information on over 100 attributes for each adviser and their firm, covering not only their experience, services and fees, but also hiring processes, cyber security and internal audits and controls.

Our adviser pairing process

Adviser Pairing Process

Personalized insight, leading-edge technology

Our needs-based adviser pairing process puts professional insight and experience into a seamless and personalized digital platform.

Our Advisory Council

Understanding your needs

We begin by getting to know you. We want to understand your goals, requirements and motivations, as well as your current financial picture. This will form the basis for developing your next steps and your long-term strategy.

Finding your adviser

We use what we learn about you to target desirable qualities and characteristics in the advisers we pair you with. We look at who they are, where they are and how they work, to create precision matches.

Adviser fee structure

Our advisers have a variety of fee structures. The fee structure of the specific advisers you are paired with will be shown on your adviser dashboard before you select your adviser. 

You will not be charged an incremental fee by Harness Wealth or our advisers for using our service. We are paid by the advisers for the clients that we refer. It is a small portion of their standard fee.

Experience and expertise underpin everything

Our Advisory Council is a group of accomplished executives, professors, and policy-makers. Their collective experience forms the basis of our screening process and helps us to stay ahead of the curve to meet your needs. *

Robert Bradley
Robert Bradley

Robert is Chief Executive Officer of Ekahi Aloha LLC, a large single family office, overseeing all aspects of the organization’s investments and operations. He began his career in the tax practice at Price Waterhouse and has over 25 years of professional experience working with ultra-high-net-worth families.

Maliz Beams
Maliz Beams

Maliz is the former CEO of two of the four largest U.S. retirement investment platforms. She ran Voya Financial Retirement Solutions (Formerly ING US) with $480 billion in assets serving 48,000 institutions and 15 million customers and was previously President and CEO of TIAA-CREF Individual and Institutional Services.

John Koskinen
John Koskinen

John was the Commissioner of the IRS from 2013 to 2017. He previously served as the non-executive chairman of Freddie Mac from 2008 to 2012 and as acting Chief Executive Officer in 2009. John has been President of the U.S. Soccer Foundation, Deputy Mayor and City Administrator of Washington D.C.

Luis M. Viceira
Luis M. Viceira

Luis is the George E. Bates Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education at Harvard Business School. He is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Edith Cooper
Edith Cooper

Edith is a Senior Director at Goldman Sachs and previously served as Executive Vice President and Head of Global Human Capital Management. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Slack, Etsy, The Museum of Modern Art, Northwestern University and Mt. Sinai Hospital.

* Our Advisory Council does not provide investment advice.

We are about relationships,
not transactions.

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