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Is Financial Advising Worth It? The ROI of Professional Investment Management

What can individual investors do to de-risk their portfolio despite the mechanical and psychological headwinds they face? This is where the discipline, knowledge, and experience of a financial advisor can add tremendous value.

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Startup Equity: Calculating Potential Windfall, Taxes and Costs

As you plan to cash out your startup shares outside of a traditional liquidity event (IPO, acquisition, merger), consider the potential value, costs, and tax considerations you'll need to keep in mind as you go through this process.

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Selling Your Startup Shares: Comparison of Secondary Stock Marketplaces

For those beginning the process of executing on a secondary sale of your shares, we've outlined several specific vendors and types of sales in this article, with the relevant fees and restrictions for each.

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Promissory Note Program: A Financial Employee Benefit for Early-Stage Startups

76% of startup employees never exercise or sell the pre-IPO stock options they have earned. Harness Wealth's Promissory Note Program allows employees to exercise without putting up any cash upfront.

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How a Financial Advisor Can Help During Market Turbulence

Sudden drops in market performance can be alarming. What does this mean for your financial planning? And how can a Financial Advisor help?

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Average Fees for Financial Advisors

The total average cost of working with a financial advisor will depend on what type of advice you're seeking, as well as the fee structure the advisor uses for the services you receive.

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Our 2020 Predictions

In 2019 we brought over 850 of the best advisors onto our platform so we can help you find the right one for your needs. We’ve asked a few of them to share with us what they think will matter most for clients in 2020, whether in relation to politics, regulation/taxation, the economy, financial markets, or trends in personal money management. 

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Tax Strategy: Gifting Assets

In The Advisor Corner this month, MRA Associates explores what to consider when thinking about a Gifting Strategy. MRA Associates is a Financial Advisory Firm on the Harness Wealth platform.

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Considerations for Your Financial Plan in 2019

From historic stock market losses resulting in the worst December since the Great Depression, to the Dow logging its biggest single session point gain later that month, it’s not surprising that investors are nervous about what 2019 will bring for the financial markets. We explore what you should be thinking about in 2019 for your investment strategy and overall financial plan. 

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